Club Runs

Watch this space for updates to the programme of runs
Can all run organisers please send details of your run to the webmaster and Section Secretary at least 4 weeks before the run.
Give start point, times, distance and any other information.

Runs are organised runs where we meet at a location and then go for a scenic run,
usually ending with a meal.
Meets are where we ride to the location just to meet up, chat, kick tyres etc.
There is no organised run from the location, and 4 wheels is acceptible if weather poor.
Unless otherwise specified, aim to be there between 11.30 & 12.00.
Some meets are Saturday, some are Sunday.
Location will normally have a cafe.
Note that Meets are not official VMCC or VMCCNI events, and are thus not covered by VMCC Third Party Insurance.
Displays – we hope to organise 1 or more static displays each year.
Other events are also listed as long as they have a major VMCCNI contribution.

2020 Calendar

Watch this space regularly for any updates

Sat 11 July – Meet
Meet at Carrickfergus Castle Car Park at noon.
Bring your own refreshments.
Strict Social Distancing will be the order of the day.

Sun 6 September – Kit-Kat run
Status unknown at present

Sun 27 September – Jim Johnson Memorial run
Status unknown at present

Mid October – possible Meet
Status unknown at present

Sat 24 October – Clocks Back run
Status unknown at present